Since the 1990s, sustainability has been integrated into CDL’s corporate vision and mission to create enhanced value for our business and stakeholders. Our sustainability vision and mission support CDL’s business objectives and growth strategy as we evolve into the global real estate conglomerate of today.

Corporate Vision

We aim to be recognised by customers, employees and peers as an innovative creator of quality and sustainable spaces.

Sustainability Vision

CDL Future Value 2.0:
Creating Future Value

Sustainability Mission

Harnessing our capitals – Financial, Organisational, Manufactured, Natural, Human, and Social and Relationship – to create enhanced value for stakeholders, now and in the future

Corporate Mission

We will:

Conceptualise spaces and solutions

Respect planet Earth

Encourage diversity of people and ideas

Advance the communities we operate in

Take prudent risk for sustainable returns

Embrace a forward-looking mindset

Corporate Values

We must embody

  • Innovation – Because this is crucial to our success
  • Collaboration – Because this is the best way to achieve exponential results
  • Integrity – Because this is at the core of everything that we do