Innovation And Smart Technologies

Investing in Future Technologies

In support of the national vision for a smarter, greener, and more liveable Singapore, CDL invested $2.25 million in a R&D collaboration with National University of Singapore’s School of Design and Environment to catalyse innovations in smart and climate-resilient building technologies. Through two first-of-its-kind programmes – NUS-CDL Smart Green Home and NUS-CDL Tropical Technologies Laboratory (T² Lab), CDL will continue to champion leading-edge innovations which can be test-bedded in our future developments. These technological solutions will enhance value to our homebuyers and tenants by addressing their future lifestyle needs in an inclusive and urbanised environment in the tropics.

Measures Coverage and Features
NUS-CDL Smart Green Home

Objective: To harness research in developing innovative solutions to create homes that are safe and secure, healthy and comfortable, and acoustically pleasing

  • Advanced research and education facilities for the experimentation and implementation of technologies leading to a smart community and nation
  • Re-configurable structure to enable comparative research through flexible experimental setup, testing and monitoring
  • Ideas that can be tested here include energy efficiency, quality of indoor environment and sustainable home of the future
  • A showcase to facilitate visits by students and industry collaborators

Objective: To enable researchers to examine integrated technology solutions for people-centric, climate responsive buildings of the future

  • Possible studies include examining biomimicry building envelope devices and systems for harvesting of energy from renewable resources (such as sun, wind and daylight); solar control and shading; vertical and edible garden; solar chimney; and smart building materials
  • Test-bed to explore how architecture and building design deal with extremities of weather, air pollution, and rising sea water levels
  • Designers and building scientists could also explore new ideas and concepts to innovate existing building designs to address environmental challenges that threaten liveability, comfort, well-being and health, in an intensified, compact urban environment like Singapore

Innovating for a Smart and Liveable City

Since 2001, CDL has embarked on integrated smart-home solutions, starting with the introduction of the intelligent, interactive, and internet-ready i-Home concept for The Equatorial condominium. Over the years, we have continued to innovate and introduce smart-home features in our residential developments, creating living spaces that will improve the quality of life and support Singapore’s position as a leading international Smart City.

Smart solutions are also introduced at CDL-managed commercial and retail buildings. Some of our smart initiatives include:

Building and Coverage Initiative Features and Benefits
Forest Woods
(under development)
Smart Home Technology in all units
  • Smart Home Centre (Lite) controls smart devices and sensors installed easily
  • Smart Door Sensor monitors the opening of doors for added security
  • Smart IP Camera monitors what is happening at home when residents are away
  • Smart Lighting Control and Air Conditioner Control automates lights and air-conditioning remotely
(completed in 2016)

Home Energy Monitoring System (HEMS) – first-of-its-kind smart home solution prototyped in collaboration with Daiwa House from Japan

  • Monitors home energy usage
  • Controls air-conditioners and lighting usage
    via hand-held smart devices like iPads
  • Home users can programme alerts that are triggered via email or short message service (SMS) if their energy usage exceeds pre-determined limit
  • Offers greater convenience and proactive
    energy management
H2O Residences (completed in 2015)

Digital Smart Signage introduced in lift lobbies and club house

  • Offers easy content management
  • Instant broadcast of important estate messages
    via multimedia
  • Eliminate usage of paper versus traditional
    notice boards
All CDL commercial and retail properties

Chiller Plant Optimisation System

  • Tracks performance and makes adjustments automatically according to the parameters
  • Ensures optimal efficiency at all times
City Square Mall
Republic Plaza

Web-based Remote Monitoring System for Chiller Plant Performance

  • Operators can remotely receive and monitor first-hand information of chiller system performance
  • System enables proper actions to be taken when deviation is detected
  • Drawing from our experience, we have embarked on an extended pilot with BCA for a chiller efficiency smart portal. Progressively, more buildings will be added to this pilot project.
City Square Mall
Fuji Xerox Tower
King’s Centre
Palais Renaissance Republic Plaza
Tagore 23

Carpark Lighting
Motion Sensors

  • Auto dimming of carpark lighting to 30% during low usage
  • Lights will turn up to 100% when sensors detect movements