Green Lease & Tenant Engagement

Beyond green infrastructure, proactive steps were taken to promote low carbon practices and eco-efficiency amongst our tenants.

Since 2014, we have implemented the CDL Green Lease Partnership Programme to support our commercial tenants in reducing their energy consumption and environmental footprint. As of December 2016, over 95% of our existing tenants have pledged their commitment by signing a Green Lease Memorandum of Understanding. We further supported our tenants’ green practices through various end-user initiatives.

More than 25% of the tenanted spaces in our commercial properties have been certified under the BCA Green Mark Scheme, including office interiors, retail, supermarkets and restaurants as of December 2016.

In recognition of our concerted commitment and sterling success in encouraging tenants towards environmentally-friendly efforts, CDL emerged as the only developer to receive BCA Green Mark Pearl Prestige Award for two consecutive years. In 2016, this top-tier accolade was awarded to 7 & 9 Tampines Grande, developed and managed by CDL, for outstanding commercial tenant engagement. The Green Mark Platinum building embraces one of the largest and most extensive use of solar technology in a commercial property in Singapore.

In addition, 11 Tampines Concourse and Central Mall (Office Tower), also developed and managed by CDL, were winners of BCA Green Mark Pearl Awards 2016. 11 Tampines Concourse, the first CarbonNeutral® development in Singapore and Asia Pacific, is a Green Mark GoldPLUS building, while the Central Mall (Office Tower) is a Green Mark Platinum building. In total, CDL is the most-awarded developer in the Green Mark Pearl category, winning three out of the five awards given out in 2016.


Empowering our Tenants for BCA Green Mark Office Interior Certificate

NCR Asia Pacific, a tenant at 7 & 9 Tampines Grande, leveraged on CDL’s green initiatives and attained Green Mark Office Interior Gold certification in 2016. CDL fitted the perimeter lights of NCR Asia Pacific’s office with photocell sensors, which reduce their energy consumption and increase utility savings. NCR Asia Pacific is also a participant of CDL’s paper and lamp recycling programme, whereby CDL has created collection points within the building for tenants to place used paper and lamps for recycling.