As part of our commitment to “Create Future Value” for our stakeholders and to achieve business and sustainability excellence, we engage with thought leaders in CSR and sustainability.

This section features insights on various sustainability topics contributed by these experts.

Climate Change


Sustainability in Business

Sustainability Reporting

Mr Paul Simpson
Chief Executive Officer, CDP

Mainstreaming the Low-Carbon Economy

Measuring, disclosing and managing non-financial data is now mainstream, creating a new bottom line in business. (Read more)

Ms Christine Ervin
First President and CEO Of U.S. Green Building Council

Green Buildings: Ramping up Global Progress

The exuberant green building market already is a huge success story. If it ramps up global progress it can also play a leading role in re-stabilizing our climate. (Read more)

Mr Achim Steiner
Under-Secretary-General, the United Nations and Executive Director,
the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

The Energy and Climate Challenge

Improving energy efficiency is an obvious example of how changing our consumption patterns can make a massive difference. (Read more)

Ms Stephanie Campbell
Director of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia at CDP
(formerly Carbon Disclosure Project)

New UK Regulation to Disclose Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The new regulation, which comes under an amendment to the Companies Act, requires companies to include Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in their annual report and accounts. (Read more)

A Nielsen Global Survey – Global Millennials: The We, More and Now Generation

The Keys to Unlocking the Millennial Mindset

Millennials are a demanding generation that also expect products to do more for them and for their community. These core values and characteristics will remain the key influencers and drivers for how Millennials think, spend and act throughout their lifetimes. (Read more)

Dr Sally Uren
Chief Executive at Forum for the Future

Strengthening Your Supply Chain with Workplace Wellbeing

There needs to be a change in perceptions of workplace wellbeing, so that it is seen as a core business driver by senior leaders, with a clear business benefit. (Read more)

Dr Noeleen Heyzer
Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Special Adviser of
the United Nations Secretary-General

Corporate Social Responsibility as Smart Business in Changing Asia

Smart business is simply good business that invest in people and our planet. It can become a leading agent of change and future prosperity- partners in development to reduce poverty, ensure environmental sustainability and provide decent living and working conditions for all our people. (Read more)

Ms Karin Laljani
Managing Director of Corporate Citizenship

What You Should Know About Corporate Responsibility in Asia

Asia’s rich supply of resources, cheap labour and burgeoning middle-class consumer market have made the region a gold mine for companies. However, as companies ramp up their operations in Asia, many fail to institute responsible business mechanisms. (Read more)

Prof Jeremy Moon
Director of the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility,
Nottingham University Business School

Corporate Social Responsibility: Trends, Threats and Opportunities

There is an obvious challenge from companies taking CSR across cultural and political borders, that CSR means different things to different people. (Read more)

Ms Paula DiPerna
Special Advisor, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) North America

Wall Street Wakes Up: Sustainable Investment and Finance Going Mainstream

As financial data are strengthened and the science of climate change becomes definitive, investment that maintains the status quo and does not take ESG factors into account seems irresponsible and imprudent at the least. (Read more)

Ms Esther An
CDL Chief Sustainability Officer

Sustainability – A Hot Item on Board Agendas

Businesses that are committed to embracing sustainability and responsible practices will have a strong licence to operate and gain the support of consumers and investors. (Read more)

Dr Wayne Visser
Founder and Director of Kaleidoscope Futures

Sustainable Frontiers: Unlocking Change Through Business, Leadership and Innovation

Sustainability is changing the way business functions in society across eight vital frontiers. (Read more)

Mr Michael Kramer
Managing Partner and Director of Social Research at Natural Investments
and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® designate since 2004

Resilience is the New Sustainability

Resiliency offers a guiding principle that can shape our thinking, our planning and our actions in ways that keep us flexible and responsive to whatever changes may come. (Read more)

Mr John Elkington
Executive Chairman of B Corp Volans and
co-founder of Environmental Data Services
(ENDS) and SustainAbility

Mr Jochen Zeitz
Co-founder and Co-chair of The B Team
and a Director of Kering, and the former
Chairman and CEO of PUMA

Five Steps to Tomorrow’s Bottom Line

Here are five practical steps leaders in business and city administrations will need to take to ensure capitalism migrates to more sustainable forms of wealth creation. (Read more)

Mr Tom Delay
Chief Executive of the Carbon Trust

Adapt or Die – Our Sustainable Future Lies Inside Business

Successful businesses will be sustainable investments, resilient to the resource crunch, but they will also be good businesses that appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. (Read more)

Mr Bob Best
Executive Vice President and Product Lead: Energy and Sustainability Services – Americas at Jones Lang
LaSalle, Chicago; and LEED Accredited Professional through the U.S. Green Building Council

Extracting Value from Sustainability

Owners/ investors making sustainable retrofits have reported that while they do not expect “windfall” profitability from going green, they do feel that it contributes to their bottom line beyond energy savings. (Read more)

Mr Toby Heaps
CEO of Corporate Knights Capital

Sustainability Disclosure – The Next Big Thing in Corporate Reporting

Sustainability reporting may not always move the market, but it can provide fascinating insights into a company’s long-term competitiveness. (Read more)

Mr Paul Druckman
Chief Executive Officer of the International Integrated Reporting Council

The Driving Force Behind Integrated Reporting

What is needed now is concise information that reveals more about how the levers of business decision-making are being pulled, the strategic focus and the issues that impact on value creation today and in the future. (Read more)

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