An organisation is often said to be only as good as its people. The level of commitment, skillset and quality of employees is therefore critical to a company’s success.

We believe in building engaging careers so that our employees can grow with the company. Our Human Resource (HR) policies and initiatives are geared towards creating a competent, caring and inclusive workplace. It aims to foster human development and well-being, drive employee productivity and satisfaction, and reward stellar performance. Through proactive engagement, talent development and retention, fair labour practices and competitive remuneration, we strive to remain as an employer of choice.

Beyond caring for our direct employees, we recognise that workers at our construction sites and commercial properties are vital to our day-to-day operations. While they may not operate directly within our immediate realm of responsibility, this has not prevented us from being a strong advocate to guide and influence our builders and contractors to care for workers’ safety, health and well-being along our value chain.