ESG Goals And Targets

CDL Future Value 2030: ESG Goals and Targets
(Effective from 2017)
Supporting Nine Relevant SDGs

Goal 1: Building Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • To achieve Green Mark certification for 80% of CDL owned and/or managed buildings
  • To maintain 100% tenant participation in CDL Green Lease Partnership Programme
SDG 11: Sustainable Cities
and Communities
  • To double our commitment to adopt innovations and technology for green buildings
SDG 9: Resilient and
Innovative Infrastructure
  • To double resources devoted to advocacy of sustainability practices, stakeholder engagement and capacity building
SDG 17: Partnership for
Sustainable Development

Goal 2: Reducing Environmental Impact

  • To achieve the science-based target of reducing carbon emissions intensity by 38% from 2007 levels
SDG 13: Urgent Action to
Combat Climate Change
  • To reduce the usage intensity of energy and water by 25% from 2007 levels
SDG 7: Affordable and
Clean Energy
  • To reduce total waste disposed by 50% from
    2016 levels
  • To ensure 100% of appointed suppliers are certified by recognised environmental standards
SDG 12: Responsible Consumption
and Production
  • To ensure that 50% of our construction materials are derived from recycled content, low-carbon sources or certified by recognised environmental organisations
SDG 15: Biodiversity and
Resource Conservation

Goal 3: Ensuring Fair, Safe and Inclusive Workplace

  • To maintain Zero corruption and fraud incidents across CDL’s core operations
SDG 16: Peace, Justice and
Strong Institutions
  • To maintain Zero fatality across CDL’s operations and direct suppliers in Singapore
  • To maintain Zero occupational diseases across CDL’s operations and direct suppliers in Singapore
  • To maintain Zero AFR at CDL corporate office
  • To maintain AFR of one or less for direct suppliers at construction sites and managed properties
SDG 8: Decent Work and
Economic Growth