Environmental Compliance

CDL is committed to compliance with all applicable EHS legal requirements enforced by local governing authorities such as BCA, NEA, Ministry of Manpower, Singapore Civil Defence Force and other relevant enforcers. Through constant monitoring, evaluation, and auditing of our ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001 certified EHS management system, CDL actively ensures that all our activities and operations comply with existing regulatory requirements.

In 2016, 18 fines were imposed on our builders across 12 construction sites. Four were for vector breeding, five for working beyond allowable hours, five for performing construction activities above the noise limit, and four for workplace safety infringements.

To prevent future occurrences of non-compliance, we have reviewed and streamlined our current processes to improve and tighten the procedures at construction sites. Since 2005, we have been incentivising our builders to uphold high EHS standards through the CDL 5-Star EHS Awards and monetary rewards. From 2013, a penalty system has been imposed on builders of all new developments for any EHS infringements. This was formulated as part of an ongoing review of our system and process to maintain good EHS performance.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we provide avenues for the public to raise enquiries or complaints on EHS matters. Phone hotlines managed by our appointed builders are set-up for all construction sites.

In 2016, across our 12 ongoing sites, we had one complaint regarding dust from construction activities affecting nearby residents. The contractor has since put in controls in the area surrounding the construction site to prevent further incidences of dust nuisance to the community.

Managing Construction Noise

In Singapore, NEA regulates the noise levels from construction sites with a set of permissible noise limits that vary depending on the time of the day and neighbouring premises. To protect nearby residents, we place emphasis on our builders to comply with the construction noise limits at all our construction sites.

To minimise noise-related complaints, our builders are encouraged to put in place an active management programme and to take all necessary action to address and resolve related complaints. As part of our efforts to keep the community informed about project statuses, schedules of the construction process at each site are communicated with a view to inform the community about works that might affect them.