In line with the Board’s stance to maintain high ethical standards which are integral to our corporate identity and business, CDL has the following corporate policies and guidelines in place, which are publicly available on our corporate website (, dedicated sustainability microsite ( and Intranet for easy access by our business partners, employees and members of the public.

The policies have been disseminated to employees of CDL’s key subsidiaries, where applicable. To facilitate the understanding of domestic workforce in our overseas subsidiaries, the policies are also translated into local languages, where necessary.

Board Policies

Corporate Policies

Sustainability Policies

ESG Commitments

Board Diversity Policy

This Board Diversity Policy sets out the policy and framework for promoting diversity on the Board of Directors (“Board”) of CDL.

The Board welcomes the push for greater diversity in the boardroom which can provide a more diverse approach to business decision making and the Company had, since 28 August 2015, supported the Board Diversity Pledge initiated by SID and SGX-ST where the Company pledged its commitment to promote “diversity as a key attribute of a well-functioning and effective Board” and shared the view “that a diverse Board will enhance decision making by harnessing the variety of skills, industry and business experiences, gender, age, ethnicity and culture, geographical background and nationalities, tenure of service, and other distinguishing qualities of the members of the Board”.

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Investor Relations Policy

CDL is committed to engaging our shareholders through regular, effective and fair communication, in compliance at all times with the requirements for disclosure of information in accordance with listing rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST).

The Company’s Investor Relations (IR) department serves as an intermediary between the Company and our shareholders and the investment community. Through effective information disclosure and dialogue, CDL aims to further enhance our corporate transparency and maintain the trust of our stakeholders.

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Whistle-Blowing Policy

Within the organisation, this commitment is translated into cultivating the values of openness, integrity and accountability amongst all CDL employees. CDL has a Whistle-blowing Policy to ensure that arrangements are put in place to allow whistle-blowers (including employees and non-employees) to raise concerns over a breach of these standards, highlight incidents of malpractice or wrongdoings within the Company.

This Policy applies to any wrongdoing or suspected wrongdoing/fraud involving employees as well as CDL’s business associates including consultants, vendors, contractors and/or any other parties with a business relationship with CDL.

In line with this commitment, dedicated communication channels have been established and the available communication channels to choose from are as follows:

Communication Channels to CDL Ethics Officer

Calls From: Countries of Operations Toll-free numbers
Singapore 1-800-226-1706
China 400-120-2930
Thailand 001-800-658-293
United Kingdom 0800-404-9732


Postal address: CDL Ethics Officer
9 Raffles Place
#12-01 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619

Click here to read our Whistle-blowing Policy.

Anti-Corruption Policy

This sets out the responsibilities of the Group companies and of each employee in observing and upholding CDL’s position against all forms of corruption, bribery and extortion. The Anti-Corruption Policy also provides information and guidance to employees on how to recognise, address, resolve, avoid and prevent instances of corruption, bribery and extortion which may arise in the course of their work.

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Fraud Policy

The Fraud Policy provides guidance on actions which may constitute fraudulent conduct and highlights the importance of the implementation, maintenance and compliance with the internal controls framework of the Group and its policies and procedures.

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Competition Policy

The Competition Policy sets out CDL’s policy to compete fairly and ethically in the conduct of business in all of its markets, and in compliance with the competition laws which apply to the Group’s business activities. This policy seeks to educate and improve the knowledge and understanding of CDL’s employees on anti-competitive practices and acts of abuse of dominant position which are prohibited, and to provide direction and guidance to employees in their relationships and communications with competitors and customers.

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Personal Data Policy

The purpose of the CDL Personal Data Policy is to inform you of how CDL manages personal data which is subject to the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (No. 26 of 2012) (“the Act”). Please take a moment to read the CDL Personal Data Policy so that you know and understand the purposes for which we collect, use and disclose your personal data.
If you:

  1. have any questions, complaints or feedback relating to your Personal Data or our Personal Data Policy;
  2. would like to withdraw your consent to our use of your Personal Data as set out in our Personal Data Policy; or
  3. would like to obtain access and/or make corrections to your Personal Data records under our control or in our possession,

Please contact CDL as follows:

Call: 6877 8228
Postal: Data Protection Officer
City Developments Limited
9 Raffles Place
#12-01 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing Terrorism Policy

In 2016, CDL introduced the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing Terrorism Policy for our property business in line with the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) guidance and Monetary Authority of Singapore’s mission to mitigate the risk of Singapore being used as a platform by global criminals and terrorist organisations to launder illicit funds. The Policy provides guidelines and procedures for our front line sales and compliance function to detect and report such criminal acts.

Climate Change Policy

The threat of climate change is real. As Singapore’s property pioneer and leading green developer, CDL recognises the crucial role it has to play in mitigating the effects of climate change. In line with our corporate social responsibility strategy and our commitment to “Conserve as We Construct” since 1995, we are dedicated to achieving low carbon operations with reduction targets set at 22% in 2020 and 25% in 2030. Recognising that a sizeable proportion of our carbon footprint lies outside our business operations and direct control, we actively engage our supply chain and stakeholders to mitigate climate impact and to add value to the communities in which we operate.

At CDL, we are committed to not only minimising the environmental impact of our business operations, but also to changing mindsets and promoting environmental conservation amongst the community. Our efforts to mitigate climate change include:

  • Reducing energy consumption through energy-efficient fixtures, green building design and renewable energy adoption
  • Adopting sustainable materials and methods to reduce material waste and the use of natural resources
  • Tracking, reporting and managing all aspects of our sustainability performance in our core business
  • Advocating responsible practices along our supply chain and amongst internal and external stakeholders
  • Partnering industry players and policy makers to develop policies and innovations for sustainable building

Click here to read our Climate Change Policy.

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy

For over a decade, CDL has been advocating environmental sustainability in Singapore’s built environment. We make it our business to take concerted efforts towards preventing pollution on the environment and striving to apply environmentally-friendly practices in our operations.

To this end, the EHS Policy was established in 2003. This sets the strategic direction for all departments and employees towards creating a “Green & Safe” corporate culture, conserving resources and preventing pollution.

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Human Rights Policy

CDL believes in upholding fundamental principles of human and workplace rights in places where we operate. Since 2005, we have been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact’s principles on Human Rights and Labour, and are guided by international human rights principles as derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Beyond our compliance to the local government’s policy and national legislation in protecting human rights, we are committed to respecting human rights in all aspects of our stakeholder engagement such as equitable employment practices, non-discrimination, fair welfare and compensation, as well as workplace health and safety within our developments.

Click here to read our Human Rights Policy.

Universal Design Policy

CDL develops a wide range of properties from mass market executive condominiums to luxury homes. Regardless of property type, we believe that resource-efficient buildings can be a differentiator. We also continue to embed the principles of Universal Design – “design for all people” in all our projects, above the mandatory requirements specified in the Code of Barrier-Free Accessibility by the BCA. Our design brief includes features that encourage community-building and social integration. Our Universal Design Policy, which is endorsed by CDL’s top management, provides the Company with a framework to create an inclusive built environment through developing buildings that respond to differing customer needs.

CDL seeks to uphold fair and responsible practices and promote inclusivity along our value chain, by supporting the following best industry practices and ESG commitments.

Support for Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures CDL supports the voluntary disclosure recommendations of the industry-led Financial Stability Board (FSB) Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). As a sustainability pioneer and green building champion, CDL believes that climate change will have significant impacts across many sectors and regions. Businesses have an important role to play in ensuring transparency around climate-related risks and opportunities. The Recommendations will catalyse more reliable disclosure of information that will facilitate more informed businesses and investment decision-making. It will help support a smooth transition to a low-carbon economy. We encourage more businesses to support better climate-related financial disclosure.
Women’s Empowerment Principles At CDL, we recognise the valuable contribution of our women employees to the Company’s business growth and sustainability leadership. With a workforce of nearly 70% females, CDL is committed to empowering women in our workplace and supporting their pursuit for career and personal development. The Board and top management of CDL firmly believe that diversity and inclusion will strategically enhance a company’s human capital and performance for future growth. Our CEO’s statement of support for the United Nations (UN)-led Women’s Empowerment Principles can be found on
Singapore Stewardship Principles CDL is committed to upholding the highest standards of governance, integrity and sustainability in all our business activities. As a sustainability leader and proponent of responsible investing, we support the call for good governance and stewardship by investors as communicated in the Singapore Stewardship Principles.
Employers’ Pledge of Fair Employment Practices CDL is a signatory of the Employers’ Pledge of Fair Employment Practices with the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP). TAFEP works with employer organisations, unions and the Government to create awareness and facilitate the adoption of fair employment practices. The alliance is co-chaired by representing employer unions and National Trades Union Congress.
Ethical Marketing Practices Since 2000, we have developed a set of internal procedures and an operations manual for marketing and leasing. These are reviewed annually to reflect changes in marketing practices, technology, regulation, and stakeholder expectations.Marketing collaterals produced by CDL are compliant with the Singapore Code of Advertising Practice administered by the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore, an Advisory Council to the Consumers Association of Singapore.

CDL’s marketing practices also comply with the URA’s Housing Developers Rules (HDR) and Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Guidelines for Outdoor Signs at our construction sites. The HDR seeks to enhance transparency in the real estate industry, enabling homebuyers to make better informed decisions when buying a home, while the BCA guidelines prohibit cross-marketing of other products and services.

Crisis Management Protocol In 2016, CDL validated our corporate crisis management protocol which includes incident escalation, operational response and crisis communications. The effort culminated in a crisis simulation exercise where the Senior Management was put through a series of rigorous scenario-based tests including a mock media conference and interview.
Supplier Code of Conduct The Supplier Code of Conduct provides comprehensive guiding principles for our vendors and suppliers to comply with CDL’s expectations of ethical standards, covering the following areas:

  • Business integrity
  • Fair competition
  • Open communication
  • Conflict of interest
  • Gifts and entertainment
  • Health, safety, and environment
  • Legal compliance
  • Human rights
  • Reciprocity

Click here to read our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Green Procurement Specifications Reflecting our belief in more efficient use of resources, we have a set of Green Procurement Specifications for the selection of vendors and suppliers at our Corporate Office and across core business operations in Singapore. The guidelines include:

  • Sharing the corporate EHS Policy with new vendors and suppliers
  • Indicating preference for use of eco-friendly and recycled materials and products
  • Indicating preference for ISO 14001 certified vendors
  • Declaring the use of eco-friendly and recycled paper in printed materials
Pledge for Zero –    A CEO Commitment Charter CDL is a founding signatory of the “Pledge for Zero – A CEO Commitment Charter”, launched at the inaugural Construction CEO Summit organised by the Workplace Safety and Health Council in 2008. CDL adopted the pledge and committed to establish a zero-injury workplace. In 2016, CDL reiterated our commitment towards Construction Industry WSH Action Plans by galvanising 24 of our key builders and consultants to sign the ‘Pledge Towards Vision Zero Through Safe Design – Safe Practices – Safe Culture’.