Quality Excellence

We recognise that each property purchase is a significant investment for our customers, and we make it a priority to deliver on innovative green designs, high standards of workmanship, and buildability, without compromising on functionality or affordability.

Established in 1989, the BCA Construction Quality Assessment (CONQUAS)3 is the industry benchmark for quality and workmanship standards of construction projects in Singapore. Although it is not mandatory for private sector projects to subscribe to CONQUAS, CDL has consistently pushed for all our projects to be assessed since the assessment system was introduced. In 2018, our developments achieved an average CONQUAS score of 97.2. All five of our completed developments have achieved CONQUAS scores of above 90, four of which – The Criterion, Coco Palms, New Futura and The Brownstone – have attained the highest tier CONQUAS STAR3 rating.

Testament to our steadfast commitment to deliver quality green homes and commercial spaces, CDL became the first and only private sector property developer to be conferred the inaugural Built Environment Leadership Platinum Star Award in 2018. This pinnacle Award is accorded to organisations that have held the Built Environment Leadership (Platinum) award for at least five years. It recognises their excellence and leadership in shaping a safe, high quality, sustainable and friendly built environment in Singapore. CDL was also the only developer to win the Quality Excellence Award – Quality Champion Platinum for six consecutive years.

To uphold good workmanship and meet the rising expectations of homeowners, CDL has been submitting all residential developments for the BCA Quality Mark assessment since this was introduced in 2002. A voluntary scheme for developers, the Quality Mark measures the quality of workmanship in each newly completed residential unit, covering all internal finishes such as flooring, wall and ceiling finishes, architectural components and fittings, and mechanical and electrical (M&E) fittings and switches. 1,449 residential units from developments which had achieved TOP in 2018, received the BCA Quality Mark certification.


3 BCA CONQUAS is the de facto national standard assessment system on the quality of buildings based on three areas of Structural Works, Architectural Works and M&E Works.
BCA CONQUAS STAR is accorded to a project that has attained a CONQUAS score of at least 95 points.


Quality Management

We take homebuyers’ feedback on defects seriously, extending our quality commitments to prompt and stringent defect management. We have in place an electronic system and well-established procedures to monitor and attend to defects, targeting to rectify any legitimate defects within 30 days. We also have internal targets for defect reduction, which are reviewed periodically. Our obligations to homebuyers with regards to product quality are expressed in the Sales & Purchase Agreement.

Across CDL, we established and implemented procedures to report and investigate hazards and incidents. All our appointed builders are required to set up and manage phone hotlines for all construction sites. We have a dedicated Operations Manager assigned to every commercial building we manage, to oversee the building’s daily operations as well as to address any safety and security concerns. For our homebuyers, we set up hotlines and site offices to address any feedback and concerns. We also conduct post-TOP customer satisfaction surveys to measure their experience across various touch points and to solicit feedback and suggestions for continual improvement. For all the feedback and reports received, we follow up with the affected person(s) and relevant stakeholder(s), and implement corrective actions promptly.

Service Delivery

Since 2007, we have aligned our service delivery at CDL managed properties with the standards of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. In addition, we have established a Property and Facilities Management (Investment Properties) Policy for our commercial tenants since 2007, which declares our commitment to excelling in service delivery through supporting the purchase of safe and energy efficient products, technologies, services and design, amongst other efforts. We set internal key performance indicators for critical safety services, for example, response time to attend to people trapped in lifts, number of breakdowns of essential services such as fire protection system. We track and monitor the performance of these indicators on an on-going basis.