For more than two decades, CDL has been integrating sustainability into our strategy and operations to future-fit our business and unlock future value. Founded on the ethos of ‘Conserving as we Construct’ since 1995, we are committed to ‘Creating Future Value’ through a three-pronged integrated strategy as a developer, an asset owner and a corporate citizen. Through our long-established Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) policies and best practices, CDL’s unique ESG integration model has created enduring shared value for our business, investors, customers, stakeholders and the communities we operate in.

CDL Future Value 2030

Building on our firm foundation in ESG management, in 2017, we strategically established the CDL Future Value 2030 sustainability blueprint. It forms an integral part of our integrated sustainability strategy which continues to harness our six capitals – financial, organisational, natural, manufactured, human as well as social and relationship – to realise our corporate vision of ‘Building Value for Tomorrow, Today.’

A forward-looking action plan, the new blueprint sets out long-term ESG goals and targets towards 2030 – a milestone year for global sustainable development, climate agreement and green building movement. Delivering on three strategic goals, a set of targets is clearly defined to address ESG issues which are material to our business and stakeholders, while contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement.

Voluntary Quarterly Report

Through a Quarterly Sustainability Report launched in July 2017, we have been tracking, measuring and reporting our progress towards the targets established under the CDL Future Value 2030 blueprint. The voluntary disclosure provides regular and timely review of ESG performance against the committed targets, and more prompt and transparent communication to our investors and stakeholders.