Community building is an integral part of CDL’s stakeholder engagement which supports our sustainability strategy. While there are many worthy causes to champion, CDL has focused our community investment on partnerships and programmes in four key areas which complement our corporate vision and business objectives.

  1. Environmental conservation
  2. Youth development
  3. Promoting the arts (i.e. photography and sculpture)
  4. Caring for the less fortunate (i.e. the elderly and children in need)

For more information on community partnerships and programme supported and initiated by CDL, please read here.

In line with good governance, CDL exercises due diligence in evaluating every request for donation, sponsorship or partnership. We assess the track record, quality of management, and organisational governance of charities and community partners. Furthermore, for accountability, all charities and community partners are required to submit reports on their social and environmental impact of their programmes, as well as use of funds and resources.

We welcome the opportunities to partner with like-minded charities, not-for-profit and non-government organisations, as well as youth groups that are helping on the above issues. If you have a partnership proposal in mind for CDL, please submit your request by filling in the form below.

Our sustainability team will get in touch with you within 10 working days of receiving your request.

CDL Community Investment Request Form

Kindly fill in project details and information for our review and assessment of support. * Fields marked by asterisks are compulsory fields

This form will take you about 10-15mins to fill-up. It is advisable that you have a saved copy from which you may cut and paste into this form as our system does not allow you to save a draft for completion later.